09 January 2010

Michigan, where it really snows

I'll completely admit that 15 to 20 inches of snow is a lot of snow, especially if you get it all in one day. But snowpocalypse that halted DC for an entire weekend was not quite the Armageddon people thought it was. Those Midwesterners who have migrated here went okay, snow, life still goes on but we'll give you a break because this is a lot more of the white stuff than you usually see.

Then I went back to the Mitten for Christmas. I kind of think that's from where snow originates. Did you know there's actually a Hell, Michigan? I've never been there but I know it exists (and I think it's kind of cool actually) and I think that the combination of Hell + Michigan created a vortex from which snow spews. And it think the vortex might be centered over my parents' house.






While I was home I had to make a visit to my dad's cabin where all the sliding and campfire parties are staged. My dad built this a couple years ago. It's a two story cabin, the upstairs has two or three single-size beds, and the main floor a little kitchenette, wood stove, living/dining space, and a large picture window that over looks the pond.



Naturally in my family we don't walk back to the cabin. Why on earth would we do that? So silly. We drive the golf cart. Uh huh. My mom was driving and I had out my camera clicking away trying to get some interesting shots of this very impressive hemlock tree (seen from a different angle)

And instead of interesting shots ended up with a face/camera full of snow when I got whacked with a snow-laden branch.



Despite this very wet and cold setback, I braved the elements a little longer to try for a few more interesting, if less daring shots.