24 October 2010

BRAAAIIIINNSS!: Or, the 2010 Silver Spring Zombie Walk

Last night, Andrea and I took a much needed break from annual and quarterly report editing to check out the 2nd annual Silver Spring Zombie Walk. Although we did not dress up this year, I'm considering definitely participating in the revelry next year.

AT first, we had a hard time finding the Mob of Zombies. It was mostly a couple of zombies spread out here and there.
Zombie Co-eds

The one on the left definitely wanted to eat our brains, the zombie on the right, she was a vegan, and also had a zombie kitten. :)

Please meet Zombie Hello Kitty.
I love that even the kids came out.

"Brain-bow Brite"

And then...the mob of zombies came running down the street in search of...BRRRAAAAIIIINNNNSSSSS!!!!!

Please remember that Zombies are people too...

And finally, I leave you with one parting view of the Silver Spring Zombie Walk...

17 October 2010

Maryland Renaissance Festival

A couple weeks ago, or maybe it was a couple couple weeks ago but I've been busy so sue me, Lauren and I went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I realize more and more every year what a geek I am and the fact that it annoys me that costumes at the festival didn't all match the Henry VIII storyline really drove that home. Why bother to have a storyline at all if people are going to wear whatever strange costume they have left over from last Halloween?  Regardless, its always fun to go and eat fair food, be amused by costumes (whether they match or not), browse vendor wares, and speculate as to how many buildings are permanent and how many get broken down at the end of the season.

Henna tatt station

Never really got the point of everyone walking around wearing some poor fuzzy animal's tail.

Bee people

 Yes...this is exactly what they wore in 1543 at Henry VII's court. Spot on.

 These people got it right! Well done. Especially on that cod piece.

 Court ladies taking a break for ices. Love it.

 Uh huh.

 Thinking steampunk dude must be swealtering.

My favorite costume of the day.
Crab pretzels?! What are these?!

Freaking genius. That's what they are.

Look! I make Gateaux! Now if I only knew what gateaux was...