17 December 2008

Market of Dreams

On one of our last days in Beijing we visited what our guide book called the "Market of Dreams." It's a combination of flea marketyness and small stores which display their wares in their shops and on tables out front. I do not think there wasn't anything that we did not find here: scrolls, paintings, games, clothing, jade, pearls, marble, chops, bobble heads, statues, silver necklaces, arm pieces, hair ornaments, books of Mao's sayings in several languages, incense, baskets, furniture, doors, and things I couldn't even identify.

Props to Lauren who took all these pictures:

We did us some good shopping here. I am not a bargainer, not at all. Lauren on the other hand is good at it. They want 100 yen for something she laughs and says 30. A combination of using a calculator, me as an interpreter, and a little walking away later and we end up with a fairly decent deal.

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