20 February 2009

Wierd and Wonderful: Mannequins in All Their Glory

As Andrea mentioned in Yesterday's Post, we saw some interesting mannequin's when we were in Xi'an. For a couple of years now, I have been VERY entertained by mannequins that I see when I'm travelling. After reading the post from yesterday, I am really happy that I've documented so many of the wierd and funny ones in my photos. First, check these out from my trip to South America in 2006:

The happiest mannequin on Earth


This guy is just too cool for school

Giving Wonder Woman a run for her money

Then, there were these from China:
Loved her coat! Also thought she looked like she came from Whoville...

This guy? Really excited about his new Hollister hoodie. Chinese consumerism at its best.

Great hair (Harbin)

Feel like you walked into 1987 yet? (Harbin)

I call these "Tim Burton Mannequins" because they really remind me of his style of animation. We saw these in a Subway tunnel-mall in Shanghai. They are by far, the strangest mannequins I have ever seen in my life.

I hope you've enjoyed these. Have any of you made a habit of capturing things that are drastically different abroad than when you're at home? I'm sure that there are lots, mannequins just happen to be my favorite. :) If you have pictures, feel free to share.

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deutlich said...

The Tim Burton mannequins are my favorite.