31 March 2009

Shanghai and The End

Ok, frankly, I'm a little disgusted with myself that it's taken me so long to put up all my China posts and since I still have to back blog about another trip I've already taken AND have two more coming in the next month...I'm not actually going to say anything more about Shanghai. I am only going to give you some pictures with captions. Enjoy.

These pictures are all of the Shanghai harbor and Bund area. It was actually a very nice walking area with hawkers selling all sorts of interesting toys, gadgetry, and food.

These pictures are of the other side of the harbor. This is Shanghai's ultra modern district Pudong, including the Jin Mao Tower where Lauren and i indulged in expensive drinks and food, the Shanghai World Financial Center (second tallest building in the world), and the Oriental Pearl Tower.

The Financial Tower is the one that looks like a giant bottle opener and the Jin Mao is the Empire State-looking building.

The Oriental Pearl Tower.

Good bye China! I'm so happy I finally got to meet you.

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later Andrea!