04 August 2009


Because I am incredibly lazy; I never got around to blogging about my last trip to Kosovo…which was in April. But I’m doing it now while I sit in yet another country that I’ll probably write about in another three or so months. And honestly, now that I am trying to write about Kosovo, I am remembering why I never wrote about it in the first place. I had nothing to say. Which pretty much negates any need to read further really...but ooohhh...pretty pictures.

I had the misfortune to be in Pristina during the tail end of the mud season (they have three seasons in Pristina: ice, mud, and dust) but was lucky enough to have a colleague who took pity on me and got me out of the city for a day. We visited Prizren which is an interesting city in the south of Kosovo. According to my colleagues in Pristina, people in Prizren all speak Turkish, Albanian, and Serbian which they use interchangeably and all mixed up in the same sentence. Like many cities in the Balkans, it got smashed during various wars as far back as the Ottoman Empire and as recently as the 2004 unrest in Kosovo. Despite that it remains a charming town and I should like to visit again.

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