10 August 2016

Turkish Wine of the Week - Anfora 2014 Kalecik Karası-Shiraz Blush

While I still approach pink wines warily I am more open to at least trying then than I used to be. That does not mean that I go out of my way to buy them. It's not even a matter of going out of my way really, a pink wine could be sitting right in front of my and the likelihood of me buying it is still pretty slim.

However I have recently started holding Turkish wine tastings; informal parties at my place for my friends where the only rules are that you must bring a wine that is Turkish and is not DLC. If you don't live here and you don't know what DLC is count yourself lucky. As one of the goals of the tasting is to try a wide spectrum of Turkish wines at least one pink wine should make the roster.  At the inaugural meeting of Kitap Klübü Ezikler İçindir!* the pink wine was the Anfora 2014 Kalecik Karası-Shiraz Blush from Pamukkale.

Pale peachy pink in the glass the nose is very fruit forward with a lot of strawberries. On the palate it was off-dry with a subtle acidity and minerality. While I want to be diplomatic and say that while I don't see this particular blush bringing me any closer to being a fan of pink wines it wasn't bad...I just can't say that. I don't like pink wine-full stop. I have tried and as there are two more bottles in my fridge I will keep trying...but really just avoid this one.

I did not buy this so I cannot confidently say how much it was but my experience with Pamukkale wines said it was probably around 25TL and widely available at many of Turkey's grocery stores if you want a bottle of your very own despite my advice that don't.

*Book Club is for Suckers-you know if you've been in a book club the chances that you've actually read the book are slim because the group will talk about the book for maybe 5 minutes before delving into wine and gossip...we're skipping the books and going straight to the wine! We have T-Shirts.

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