07 November 2007

Catch-all Cemetery in Belgrade-black and white

Interestingly enough, directly across the street from the Jewish cemetery in Belgrade is what I’m going to call the catch-all cemetery. When first entering it we thought it was strictly Serbian Orthodox, but the map (the place is extensive and in need of a map) indicated that this cemetery too has a Jewish section and there was a special section for all the French people. That last one left me with a raised eyebrow.

Most of these pictures I actually took in color but later changed them to black and white. I'll do another post in a few days with the color pictures as many of the monuments are painted or mosiaced in such a way as to necessitate color photographs.

I loved this-it's like someone's private version of the Pieta.

I also learned that during a (Serbian) Orthodox funeral, grievers carry wooden crosses to the cemetery to put up at the grave until a proper headstone can be afforded. However, it seems that many leave up the crosses even after the monument is put into place.

A former coworker of ours is buried in this cemetery. We tried but sadly could not locate his grave in the vastness.

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