02 November 2007

Jewish Cemetary in Belgrade

First of all, I know what you're thinking, a Jewish cemetery in Belgrade? Surprisingly yes. While the Jewish population in Serbia is not exactly booming (there is one temple in Belgrade and the rabbi services all of Serbia and Macedonia), the community is fairly left alone.

I am lucky enough to have several Jewish friends, one of whom I visited when I was in Serbia. With her I attended a few services as well as the holiday Purim, and she took me to the Jewish cemetery. Up until then I had neither been to a Jewish service or cemetery and was thrilled at the opportunity.

I love cemeteries but would like to pre-defend myself by saying I am not morbid or ghoulish. Cemeteries say a lot about a country's culture and its people. And, since November is the month of the dead, I'm taking the opportunity to explore that love and share some of my pictures.

One of my favorite things about cemeteries is how peaceful they are, however trite that may sound. I get nervous when there's no noise, not necessarily noise as in voices or music, but normal noises, wind, breezes, birds, etc. Cemeteries seem to somehow be exempt from this and I can wander around quietly and contemplate deep thoughts (ok maybe I don't really contemplate deep thoughts so much as daydream but whatever...)

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