24 June 2016

Friday Fun - Sevilen Cider

Not too long ago while I was in Solera I found this bottle of Sevilen CIDER. I love hard cider and really needed to try this despite the rather steep price tag. Luckily since it was Solera I didn't pay the full 65TL (for cider!) but even with the discount it was a bit much.

Basically it tasted like äpfelschörle (apple juice mixed with sparkling water) and with only 5% APV (alcohol per volume) it wasn't a lot more than that. It was very apply so it had that going for it-pretty much that's all it had going for it. It was super sweet, really super sweet. I like sweet ciders, ciders that are too dry, for me, start to veer into beer-flavored territory and ick. This was too sweet for me. It was also only just barely carbonated.

If you like apple juice that's had both sugar and semi flat sparkling water added to it then Sevilen's cider is for you! If that's not your bag though you can safely skip this and know that you haven't missed anything by not trying it.

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