08 June 2016

Turkish Wine of the Week - Gulor 2013 Öküzgözü-Malbec

I'm always surprised when I go to Macro Center by how many wines the store doesn't have. It has a very small alcohol selection, in fact I think my local Carrefour has as many or more varieties. However what Macro Center's selection does have going for it is the odd bottle here or there that I've not seen anywhere else; which is how I ended up with this bottle of Gulor 2013 Öküzgözü-Malbec for 71.50TL. Macro Center has an odd pricing structure.

Gulor wines are from Tekirdağ which makes them part of Turkey's Thracian wine trail which is my preferred wine region in Turkey. Since I had such luck with Likya's Malbec I decided to go for it and see what Gulor could do with a Malbec blend.

In the glass the Gulor is a gorgeous purple with an equally lovely nose of raspberry, possibly black cherry, blueberry, chocolate, and maybe a little mint.

On the palate i got some of the blueberry but not the raspberry or cherry I thought I had detected in the nose. It was a little more...black raisin I think with baking spices and a touch of tobacco. Medium low tannins, lively acidity, and medium body lead into a relatively long finish.

All in all, the Gulor 2013 Öküzgözü-Malbec was pretty niiice.

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