13 June 2016

Turkish Breakfast Review - Kırıntı

Last weekend to met my lovely friend S for brunch I ventured up to Bebek. I so rarely go to Bebek because the traffic is a nightmare but apparently everyone is still abed at 10AM on a Saturday and it took barely a blink of an eye to get there. Since I'd given myself more than an hour to get there I was early and used the opportunity to take in the gorgeous sea air with a walk along the Bebek shore.

In order to meet S I had to backtrack - no hardship since it was along the same boardwalk! Or what would be a boardwalk if it weren't made out of concrete. I digress...Kırıntı is located almost exactly across the street from the Bebek bus stop so you really cannot miss it. It's a spacious restaurant with lots of room inside and out. We started in the garden until the mother of all storms (pouring rain, thunder, lightening, and hail!) drove us inside.

The extensive menu, which also doubles as a magazine, could keep a person busy for hours. On weekends they serve breakfast until late afternoon so while the French Dip sandwich alluringly called my name I was set on breakfast. Now that I know Saturday morning traffic isn't terrible I'm far more willing to go back another weekend for the sandwich!

I must be a little homesick because I chose pancakes. Kırıntı's pancakes, accompanied by a small variety of fruit, nutella, honey, and maple syrup were decent but not as good as the ones Cuppa is serving up. S and I also also shared a blue cheese omelette and a salad of fresh tomatoes, green peppers and chilies, and black olives.

I cannot yet speak for the nonbreakfast food items but with it's great location near the Bosphorus, really friendly staff, and good breakfast foods, Kırıntı gets a good star from me.

Cevdet Paşa Caddesi 35

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