06 February 2008

United's New Baggage Regulations: It's gonna cost you!

On Monday, United Airlines announced that as of May 5, all passengers will have to cough up 25 bucks to check a second bag. This charge affects all tickets purchased on February 4 and later.

United is expecting this new charge to generate up to $100 million a year in increased revenue. Now that the airlines already make us pay more for "Economy Plus" seating, when previously it was just a regular seat, and the former economy section has more, smaller seats cramped in the tiny space. With this new regulation, I think that most people will either start trying to stuff even more in overhead and under-seat compartments, further cramping people in an already limited space in an effort to not have to pay the $25 dollars. Unless I'm traveling for several weeks or months, I will do everything I can to pack into one back. Money doesn't part from my sweaty clutches very easily, especially when it could buy an outfit or new pair of shoes instead.

So what does all of this mean, and what do you think of it?

Personally, I usually only travel with one bag even if I'm going for a long time. I once packed for three months in Russia with just one bag. However, if I had to work for several months while abroad, I would want some extra luggage for my clothes. Do you think that this new charge is ripping off the little guy that only travels a couple of times a year? This charge only impacts domestic flights, so if your destination is international, the charge doesn't apply to you. What if, however, you're going on a cruise? I wonder how people will be impacted that way. Even though I usually only travel with one checked bag no matter what, I am even less likely to travel on United in the future because of this.

What about you?

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone thought about those traveling with children? They always have TONS of gear. So that means that when I pay for my son and daughter to travel, not only do I have to pay for their expensive seat, but I will also end up paying an extra $50 per flight to bring their car seats! That I don't think is right. I don't want to rent one from the car rental companies. Who knows what you will get!