07 February 2008

Attention DC Bloggers! Happy Hour Tomorrow!

Big thanks to Deutlich for arranging this happy hour for the DC bloggers on Friday night. I'm totally stoked and definitely planning on being there!

In a past life, Recessions (a.k.a. "Depressions") was my regular hang out spot after a long day tap-dancing for the man on K street. Now that I work in NoVA, I don't get over there often enough, but when I do, the bartenders always seem to remember me from my days as a regular there. And they always chastise me for not coming in as regularly as I should. That's love.

To this day, I can usually manage to run into an old friend, and enjoy a cheap XTRA large-sized beer ($2.75) or the world's most disgusting apple or "red" flavoured martini for $1.50. Don't get me wrong, I really love this place, and the nasty martinis will always have a special place in my heart after spending one night of my 25th birthday week celebration drinking them until I couldn't stand up straight (Thank you, Khadzi for being the bartender to make it special.). But this place is seriously the best. It's dark, I never get cell signal, and there's none of that "DC pretension" that you easily find at so many other places in DC. Frankly, the pretentious people seem to be too good to come to this place. And that's fine by me.

This place is great, the bar food is top notch, and I will definitely be there on Friday night...probably around 7. Won't you join us?

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