24 February 2008

Greetings From Vienna - Saturday

Grüss Gott! Let me now finish Saturday. Between the Opera House and the Rathaus, there was also the Museum Quarter which I photographed a little but did not enter what with my general dislike of museums.

Further down the line was the Parliament building.

I still think the Parliament in Budapest to be one of the most ridiculously ornate, and therefore I like it ever so much more!

Then there was the Votive Church. Like most of western Europe Vienna is filled with ornate churches. Most of them Catholic :)

Then there was a Konditerei with a cappuccino and a slice of Sachertorte. A traditional Viennese cake, Sachertorte is a dry-ish chocolate cake with a thin layer or marmalade and covered in ganache. I am not a fan but when in Rome…

Then I walked to the Stadtpark. This place I do remember from my trip all those years ago. It was much prettier then. Although that’s rather to be expected I imagine given that it was summer then and, despite the warm temperatures, it is, after all, February.

Later there was lovely Italian gelato and yet more walking. Always with the walking.

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