29 May 2008

We're Going to China!

Today, Andrea and I bought our tickets for a trip to China. We're not going to be going until November so we'll miss the olympics. But this morning we were talking about trips and ended up talking about China. When we started looking at flights, we couldn't believe how cheap they were! And since the dollar isn't complete crap like it is in Europe, etc we decided to make a go of it!

We don't know anyone there, but we're starting to plan our itinerary now. If any of you have any suggestions on places we must see, things we must do, and food we must eat, please let us know. We're planning to fly into Beijing, make our way to Xi'an, and leave from Shanghai. We'll be there for just under 3 weeks (18 days), and we couldn't be more excited!!!!

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N/A said...

Wo men qu zhong guo! Wo hen gao xing!