21 January 2009

Harbin - Pretty Sure My Nose is Frozen

On one of the colder days we were in Harbin, the day I couldn't feel my nose at all, we visited the largest working Confucian temple in the city. More than a temple it was an entire complex filled with small temples and monuments, surrounded by gift shops, and bordered by the Harbin amusement park. Really-I totally wanted to go but it was closed. The complex was, even amidst the barren trees and frozen ground, beautiful. I continuously find the details and embellishments in Chinese architecture are what draw my eye and attention.

While the buildings were beautiful:

It was more the various statues and incense burners were what really caught my attention here.

We also made friends with a very lovely kitty at the temple. One of the monks tried to convince us to take him home with us. Pity that we couldn’t. He was the first friendly stray we saw and he was very pretty.

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