20 March 2010

Adventures in Skopje

Skopje was an interesting city. This is the fourth of the former Yugoslav republics I've had the opportunity to visit. While Sarajevo and Belgrade are my favorite cities, Skopje definitely had some things to recommend it. A very nice pedestrian shopping area:

Interesting sculptures

 And very nice restaurants.

(Hehe, 'Amigos!')

My favorite part about the restaurants and coffee houses? In January 2010 Skopje went no smoking. No Smoking!!! After coming from Belgrade and Pristine, which is basically like living in a cigarette, this was awesome.

 Like Sarajevo, Skopje has also retained an old city that harkens back to the Ottoman empire's occupation.

 View from the old Stone Bridge


A hamman which is now a museum

They also have some fabulous dress shops. There are a lot of these in Kosovo too so I know where I'm going for my dress if I ever get married.

They are not very shy about some things.

Even though the weather was pretty crappy while I was there and it was a rushed trip full of far too much working, I enjoyed myself a lot and would very much like to be able to visit Macedonia again. When it isn't snowing and sleeting and freaking freezing cold that is.

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