01 May 2010

Pre-Kentucky Derby Party

Last week thanks to KMac and some of her friends I had the opportunity to go to the 29th annual Pre-Kentucky Derby Party. When KMac asked if I wanted to move our opera date and go to the party instead I thought, free booze? big hats? horses? Heck yes! I love hats. I just got a new one for Easter that would be excellent for the party. See, isn't it pretty?

The party was at the Collingwood Estate in Virginia. Sadly it was pretty cold that day but the weather did not distract from the setting.
When we first arrived I saw this building that looked quite a lot like a stable and was excited that there might actually be horses. I love horses and was horse mad when I was younger. Actually I think I even faked sick once to get out of church so I could watch the Derby.

I was, however bound for disappointment as there were no horses in the building. It was where they kept the food.

That was fairly disappointing. At least there were cucumber sandwiches. Although not traditional cucumber sandwiches on dry white bread with herbed cream cheese. These were like, cucumber mousse sandwiches; which was odd and fascinating.

There were also mint juleps. What else would one serve at a derby party?

See here I am smiling with my mint julep. I don't like mint juleps. I know I look happy but I think that possibly that was before I'd actually taken a sip. Turns out I do not particularly care for bourbon. The strawberries were nicer than the bourbon.

And yes that is a silver bowl full of powdered sugar.

It being a derby there were also hats.

We assume that's his girlfriend's hat. There were also some interesting outfits.

And the one that took the cake:

There's just no competing with that.

I really enjoyed how into it everyone was. As made obvious by the above, it wasn't just the ladies who were into it. Gentlemen were all dressed up as well in hats and outfits one wouldn't expect to see anywhere else. It was like a sea of seersucker. Everywhere you turned there was seersucker. It was really kind of awesome. We will attend again next year.

I shall need a new hat.

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barney_at@yahoo.com said...

LOL! Love this! You should have been born into "high society" instead of the backwoods of Coopersville, Michigan. You just fit there!