18 June 2010

Cheese and Rodin

There has been a lot of "Parmeiux Adventuring" in the last couple of months, and Andrea has been doing a great job of keeping the blog-fires burning as I continue my deliquency. Although my better half has already briefed you on some of the best parts of our visit to Amish country, PA (namely the CHEEEEEESE!), I thought I'd share some of my favorite images from this trip:

My favorite Cheese

The world's best Fromaggier, and an angry Shropshire Stilton

...and some fun bits from inside the Clocktower Cheese shop:

We did make into Philly as well on this trip. And having been a couple of times before, I didn't really take many pictures. But I did enjoy the Rodin Museum, and some of the monumenty things surrounding it, and although many of them are replicas of the originals, they're still pretty cool looking.

I particularly liked Rodin's cast of The Gates of Hell which was beautiful and a little unnerving. It called to mind images of The Last Judgement from the Sistine Chapel, except in 3-D, and much, much darker.

It is believed that this work was is based on Dante's inferno, although much has been speculated, no one is aboslutely sure what Rodin's inspiration truly was. I like to think that Dante's influence can be seen there, as I felt that you can practically feel the torment and pain of souls truly experiencing the poetic justice of their sins, much like those from Dante's epic poem. So I leave you with this final photo:

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Andy Elliott said...

Dante's inferno is well worth a read... No obvious circles and the depictions and they really only cover the circles 2 thru 9 - no inner circle (where Judas and Satan are).

Apparently (tho not read that translation), the Dorothy L. Sayers version is excellent.