05 September 2010

Wedding Cookies

Amidst all my preparations for my Sugar Coma party, my sister got engaged. Sugar cookies are one of her favorite things so I got some wedding-themed cookie cutters and made some of the cookies I was doing for my party for her.

I mostly used food markers to decorate these but I did try a few other things. On three of the brides I sprinkled pale blue sanding sugar and painted gold and silver luster dust over the flooding on a couple things. I think my favorite was the honeymoon moon.

Sadly that picture didn't turn out very well. Knowing my sister, I knew that she'd be having a beach wedding/honeyoon so I drew a little sun, a palm tree, and some waves on the moon. I also sent her some of the champagne glasses I was doing for my party.

To ship them, I packed them up with lots of waxed paper and tissue paper in a sturdy box. Some of them didn't make it to her intact (so btw Bernadette...this is what they were all supposed to look like!) but more than crumbs made it so I consider that a win.

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