16 November 2010

My Own Personal Disneyworld

While in London I paid a visit to the one museum of which I could never tire; the happiest place on earth...the Sherlock Holmes Museum. I love Sherlock Holmes. I have three copies of the complete collections (paperback, electronic for my Kindle, and the complete annotated versions), have several of the old movies, was horrified by the recent Robert Downey Jr. movie, and can't wait to see the new BBC miniseries.

 Dr. Watson, me, and Sherlock :)

 The Hound of Baskerville

 The Musgrave Ritual

 From The Speckled Band

 The Art of Violin Playing

 Sherlock's violin

In addition to the museum, a couple of my friends and I had dinner at the Sherlock Holmes Pub. I was pretty much jumping up and down out of excitement when I saw the place.

All the dishes (very traditional English) were named either after Sherlock's cases, or were a favorite dish of one of the people. I had Mrs. H.udson's steak and ale pie. Dude, so yummy

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