18 April 2011

A Retrospective

After many many years, too many of them really, I'm leaving the job that introduced me to the Balkans and the countries of the former Yugoslavia. I'm not sorry to be leaving the job but I am sorry to lose the trips to see my friends in Serbia and Kosovo. I have been incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to come to know these countries and people (and the food!). They're what kept me at my job for so long and I will miss them.

 Belgrade Parliament

 Jewish Cemetary, Belgrade

 Kalamegdan, Belgrade

 Radnom side street, Belgrade
 St. Mark's Belgrade
I can't believe I've never been inside

 Busy cafes, Novi Sad

 Novi Sad

 Mocaccino from my favorite coffe house, Belgrade

 Dinner at Iguana with friends, Belgrade

 Skadarljia, Belgrade

 Mother Teresa museum, Skopje

 Old city in Skopje

 Yummy yummy meat, Pristina

 Prizren, Kosovo




 Bas Carsa, Sarajevo

 Sarajevo, BiH

 Sarajevo, BiH
 Old city in Dubrovnik, Croatia

 Old city in Dubrovnik, Croatia

 Kotor, Montenegro

 Cetinje, Montenegro

 Cetinje, Montenegro

However all is not lost. My new job comes with vacation, which I'm hoping I'll get to use more than every other year, and I will return! Even Bill wishes me well and hopes I'll return soon :)

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