07 July 2011

Wedding Bells

A few months ago my sister got married. It was a lovely beach event at the Barcelo Maya Palace resort in Cancun, Mexico. Rather than spring for the resort's pricey photographers, who according to other family who've been married there, aren't very good, my sister just asked that anyone with a camera please take pictures. I was in the wedding so I wasn't able to crawl around and get shots like I did for the last family wedding. A cousin of ours took pictures of the wedding but I was able to take a lot of the posed shots. When not required to be in them of course. I really really prefer to not actually be in pictures.

While I don't normally take pictures of people, largely because I don't really like people and therefore have a hard time relating to them in a photograph, I had a lot of fun with these. Partially because I do actually like my sister but also because I got to play with a lot of neat Photoshop effects!

 They did a sand pouring ceremony to signify their unity.

 They happy bride and groom.

 I love to do this, make one element in the picture color. I get a little carried away and do it a lot.

 See there I go again.

 I also love the black and white.

 And I could totally pretend that this was the result of my awesomeness but really it's an effect called 'glamour glow'.

Also I bought that bracelet for her. So glad she wore it!

 This says everything you need to know about my sister.

The reception was on a section of the beach far from the resort buildings. It was quite excellent. Very private, they'd marked out a space on the beach with candles for our dance floor, and we just plugged an mp3 player into speakers for music.

 Hands down my favorite shot. Not really sure why. Also that little land outlet ... abandoned resort. There was a brief plan to go investigate but then we heard there were pirates. And not of the sexy Johnny Depp breed.

 Ah the toasts.

Also a little roasting.

Those of us who were able to attend spent a truly lovely week helping them celebrate their marriage. For me I decided that I was going to decorate my Caribbean getaway much like the resort when I either a) start making money as a blogger or b) take up the drugs/arms running career I'd planned at university.

No really that was my plan.

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