18 June 2012

Cabarete Smoothie

Just as a quick follow up to the Cabarete post...I had one of the best smoothies ever while I was there and wanted to share the recipe:

Pineapple juice
Lime juice
Frozen strawberries (or fresh strawberries and ice)

Because I was recreating from taste I don't have exact measurements, just keep adding until it tastes good I guess!

I zested the limes to get a little extra kick from them but in the end don't think I had to do that. For the amount of smoothie I ended up making (about 24 ounces) the zest and the juice of just one lime was almost too much.

I ran the blender a couple times to mix in the honey and cinnamon. I'd start out very light handed on those because you really can't take it out if you use too much.

It's really not a complicated drink at all (although you certainly could add some rum if you want a different set of complications!) but for me the addition of the cinnamon really made it interesting and it ends up as drink that is both complexly layered with flavor and refreshing!

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