12 June 2012

Behind the T-Walls: Morocco, part 3, "Mannequins"

Because no trip is complete without me being scared to death by the mannequins...

At first, it didn't seem so bad, when visiting the Morocco Mall. These two were the coolest mannequins I've probably ever seen. I had high hopes for Morocco's mannequin population.

But then there was this!

And then this one hiding in a dark corner in a djellaba shop.

I don't know what was going on with this one.

These were a series all at one shop in the atlas mountains.This one'd had her neck broken.

She looks pretty sad, but I like the pink/blue djellaba-hijab combo.

This mannequin makes me want to cry...

And my crown jewel of the trip: Hello Mimi. I wouldn't want to meet this lovely lady in a dark alley. yikes!

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