11 June 2012

Behind the T-walls: Morocco RRB part 2, "The Food"

This is primarily a photo-post, focused on all of the delicious foods that I enjoyed while in Morocco. In spite of being sick (again!), I didn't let it stop me from eating anything and everything. I'd heard so much about how delicious Moroccan food was, I was determined to try as much as I could.

Breakfast: Day 1

Assorted Grilled Vegetables: rooftop restaurant near dar el bacha

Salads. These were so delicious.

Bread with olive tapenade. MMMM

Chicken kebab, whipped potatoes, and eggplant 

Tagine with lamb, olives, and raisins. Probably my favorite tagine of the trip.

Traditional Dessert: Oranges, with orange blossom-infused sugar water,  cinnamon, and mint.

Cafe Nos-nos (re: half and half), with steamed milk, espresso, and frothed milk. 

Breakfast: Honey, preserves (apricot and strawberry), pastries, and mint tea

Frying the rghaif (Crispy, traditional moroccan fried pancakes)

preparing the dough for the rghaif 

One of the days, we enjoyed a homecooked dinner in the riad where we stayed. We had a fresh beet-carrot soup, pastilla, and pastries with mint tea (of course). 

Lunch at Cafe Arabe

Vegetable Tagine

A favorite of mine: Moroccan Merguez Tagine

A trio of creme brulee: Original vanilla, cafe, and chocolate.

Chocolate lava cake, vanilla ice cream perched on a meringue

 Around the market in Marrakech, it was difficult to shoot some pictures. The people appear to have tourist fatigue, and get very angry if you take their picture without permission. Even upon asking, many of them will say no, so I wasnt' able to get as many market fotos as I would have liked.

In the Atlas Mountains: 
This popcorn both smelled and tasted like Andrea's Easter popcorn ball treats.


Djaj/Chicken, grilled with onions, herbs, olives, and bread. A perfect meal!

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