13 October 2012

Fondant, Gum Paste, and SUGAR!

Today, I went to the 25th anniversary East Anglian Sugarcraft Exhibition, with some of my friends here in England. It was a bit on a whim, as we happened to catch a sign while driving last night, and decided that we would check it out today. What a great idea! 

The entry was a little expensive if you ask me, at five GBP, but in the end, the exhibition was quite surprising, and the craftsmanship was pretty incredible. Apparently, in the last 30 years, sugarcraft has become quite popular in England, and there are many people who take part in this art. As soon as we arrived surrounded by a sea of fondants, royal icing, and gum paste, and mostly just sugar. Andrea would have been in cake decorating heaven. 

One of the first things I saw was this painting on marzipan. I can not believe the level of detail here, and that this was painted with cocoa!

I was beginning to feel pretty hungry looking at these tea cakes. Can you believe that all of this is sugar?!

Each of the druplets on these blackberries are rolled and painted by hand! 

Yes, these carnations are completely made of sugar.

I loved how glassy these flowers looked. The woman at the club table told me they were made with some sort of sugar snowflake. 

I just loved the detail on this one. Beautiful!

This cat mask was really cute, and it looked so satiny!

This club entry was my hands-down favorite. It was called, "The Bearlyweds." There was so much to look at here, and each detail was so well done. I went back several times to keep looking. Check out the following photos of some of the details below:

Church Clock Tower:  Note the detail of the stones and bricks...

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Anonymous said...

I love it when random impulses lead to awesome experiences. This looks so cool!! And I am very impressed by the level of detail, and by the photography as well. Thanks for sharing.