13 June 2008

Where's Noah When You Need Him?

Or Sean Connery or James Mason for that matter? Long-eared animals anyone?

Coming out of a meeting yesterday I was happy to note that what had sounded from inside like a torrential downpour had passed. It was wet and puddly...but no longer actively raining. I grabbed a mochaccino from my favorite Coffee dram and happily walked back to the office. At about 6:30 I was having Internet problems so I decided to pack it in and use the Internet in my apartment. As I left the office I saw that it had started to drizzle and was again glad that I had packed an umbrella. By the time I went down the one flight to the lobby, the drizzle had morphed into a Biblical flood the likes of which I hadn't seen, well, since about two weeks ago in DC actually...

I decided to risk the walk because my only other choice was to go back to the office and stare at the walls. Within a block, my white pants were soaked from hem to upper thigh and were plastered coldly to my legs. Small favor, I suppose, that I'm so pale so not much flesh tone showed through! The streets I crossed were completely flooded with several inches of racing, dirty water and not even my long legs could span the distance. So into the new rivers splashed my cute gold ballet slippers. I got so wet that I actually had to stop three times to take off my shoes and tip out the water!

I couldn't really do anything but laugh at the situation and so giggled hoarsely all the way, stopping now and then to give a hacking cough as my stubborn bronchitis alerted me that it doesn't like for me to laugh.

I got to my apartment and squished across the floor to the bathroom where I stripped and dropped everything into the shower. Then I put on some nice, dry clothes and fired up my computer only to find...no Internet. Sigh. I do hope my shoes recover.

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K said...

Wow- that is absolute crazyness! And frustrating about the lack of internet at home too! There are few things I dislike more than puddles of water on a street- heaven knows what is in that water. :) At least your power wasn't out so you could still take a nice hot shower!