09 June 2008

Grocery Shopping in Belgrade

I'm back in my favorite Serbia. Yay. For part of this trip I'm staying in an apartment rather than a hotel so I've been doing some grocery shopping. It's actually been really nice not having to go out for dinner every single night.

I had today, what was possibly the most interesting grocery cart. I bought:

10 really, really big brown eggs
1 loaf of still warm, crunchy and soft bread
5 packets of Jacob's 3 in 1 instant coffee
6 Sweet candy bars
2 boxes of marzipan
1 box of honey flavored Turkish Delight
1 small bag of paprika flavored crackers
1 tub of Nirvana pranlines and creme ice cream

Doesn't matter that the eggs and bread were dinner, the ice cream dessert (and probably also breakfast) and everything else was for gifts...it was one heck of an odd shopping cart.

Oh, and on the walk "home" I saw the biggest freaking snail I've ever seen. It was easily 3 inches long and the shell was the size of a 50 cent piece.

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