15 April 2013

Rabat...Is Not Terribly Exciting

One of the great things about living in Istanbul is that almost everywhere is so much closer! Which means flights are shorter, cheaper, and I'm not obligated to use American owned airlines. It's so wonderful not being chained to the jerks at United or Delta. That doesn't mean that everywhere I go though is super exciting. For example, at the beginning of April I had to go to Rabat for work. Eh. I've always wanted to go to Morocco so at least I've checked the country off my list; but by Morocco I mean Marrakesh. There's not a whole to do see or do in Rabat.

I absolutely love that this was on the desk in my hotel room.

Not that it was a terrible trip though. I still enjoyed myself but there are only so many times that you can wander around the same small souk, you know?

My future house will have a tent covered terrace
It's worth the trip just to have real Moroccan food though. For me that was the highlight. Tagine, chicken pastille, real Moroccan tea...heaven!

Plus anywhere where menus are real leather!
Moroccan food is so good. The chicken pastille is probably my favorite thing so I was thrilled to have some.

And it may have been small but I still had a lot of fun walking through the souk.

Camels, camels everywhere!
I also tried this random fruit that I still don't know the name of. It was kind of watermelony in texture but tasted like...well...sweet I guess. It was a very subtle flavor. and it turned my lips and tongue a bright purple-red!

I did not try these
It was a good thing this was a work trip with per diem since I did a fair amount of shopping! A jebella, a couple abeyas, some scarves, dresses, a blanket...had to sit on my suitcase to get it zipped shut!

See the blue stripey scarf? I bought that :)
You see the most interesting things walking around. I loved this cat; he was just posing there, letting you know that he know he really is a lion at heart!

There were also completely random pet stalls. Mostly there were fish and birds but we also saw some lizards and a whole lot of turtles!
I really hope these don't become someone's dinner
Even though I didn't do a lot, I took a lot of pictures! It was mostly rainy and overcast while there but we had one bright sunny day and I took advantage so look out for a follow on post with pictures of the city and the Atlantic!

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