11 October 2013

What Good is a Wide Angle Lens if You Don't Bring It?

Before heading to Tbilisi, our driver took us to the famous Gelati Monastery outside Kutaisi. I was kicking myself along the way for having left my wide angle lens in our host's car. I'd unthinkingly taken it out of my little back pack to lighten the weight without even remembering that we would be doing sight seeing that day. I love my super wide angle and it would have been so useful at this monastery.

It's not like not having it stopped me from taken a couple hundred (literally) pictures but still. That's why Gelati Monastery gets it's own post because I couldn't help myself and need to share the pictures; which I do not believe need any words.

I think the Gelati Monastery is hands down the most impressive church (accepting maybe the Sistine Chapel) that I've seen. After this the Chora Church (new pictures coming soon!) which I had touted to KMac as being the best example of Byzantine architecture, mosaics, and frescos in Turkey, was something of a disappointment!

What makes the Gelati Monastery even more special is that, unlike the Chora church in Istanbul, it is still a working church. Once more, props to the Georgians.

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