12 May 2014

Turkish Wine of the Week - Barudi Dry White

I'm going to say right off that this was a no for me. A really big no.I didn't really even make any notes about it except "No".

The Barudi dry white is a blend of Chardonnay, Misket, and Narince grapes. Heavy on the Chardonnay methinks. The wine has an interesting color that I think must maybe come from the Misket...it's a very pale yellow, paler than a Chardonnay, and with light greenish tints.

Floral and oaky on the nose, the flavor is ... frankly I don't know. I tasted oak, oak, and more oak. Blech. I wish unoaked Chardonnays were easier to find. They're really quite lovely but everyone does insist on ruining a perfectly decent grape with all that wood.

If you like dry and oaky then I guess this one's for you! I'm coming to realize that as far as white wines are concerned, I lean towards the semi-sweet to sweet variety. But since I'm not yet entirely sure which Turkish grapes produce those wines I see a fair amount of trial and error ahead of me!

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