07 May 2014

Turkish Wine of the Week - Ancyra Boğazkere

Such a week and it's only Wednesday. First I got a job, then I got sick (thus the late post), then I had an Istanbuli police officer show up at my door. But also there was wine!

Last week I got a new consulting contract. Yay money! Means I can afford to keep myself in wine a bit longer. To celebrate we had dinner at Otto in Cihangir (which was great) and we ordered a bottle of the Ancyra Boğazkere. Like the Terra, the Ancyra had many of the hallmarks inherit in the Boğazkere grape varietal: spicy, (dried) red fruits, dark dark red color with blue hues etc.

We both enjoyed it, but for me the Terra wins over the Ancyra because there was one thing it lacked...the tanins. What really blew me away about the Terra was the texture of the wine.

Ancyra is generally a really good and safe wine here. Restaurant markup is a bit awful (about 23-30TL in store and 80+ TL in restaurant) but you really won't go wrong choosing one. But if you have the choice and my two cents makes any difference, pay the slightly higher price for Terra!

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