02 June 2014

Wine of the Week Is Back!

While the reviews have been lacking the last couple weeks the wine drinking has not! I've been on the road with a friend (thus the lack of posting) but thought a great way to get back into the weekly regime would be to start off my Cappadocia posts with one about a Tursan wine!

Tursan is the wine making in the Cappadocia region. It's a tough region with high elevation, grasslands, harsh, cold winters, and not a lot of lush greenery. What little I know about the grape growing process doesn't make it sound like a welcoming land for them though. Maybe that's why I was unimpressed with the wine? I was told I should buy a couple bottles while there because once they reach Istanbul mark-up has taken over. From what I drank while there though I took a pass on bringing home alcoholic souvenirs.

I'm not saying it was bad. I just wasn't impressed. Out of the many offerings of Tursan we chose the above which is a blend of: Syrah, Bogazkere, Kalecik Karasi, and Okuzguzu largely because we liked the description of blackberry, dry plum, and caramel.

The wine had a really nice deep red/purple color. It was dry but not overly so, and had some light tanins going on. In all it sounds like a wine that I should rather like. But I didn't. I could not even finish the two glasses I had. All the elements were there but I was not feeling the end result. So I give the Tursan megamix an 'eh'.

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