09 June 2014

Turkish Wine of the Week - Suvla Kinali Yapincak

Suvla's Kinali Yapincak is another good white find. If for no other reason than the Suvla Winery's motto, printed on the cork, is: Wine Is Life. I could not agree more heartily.

This wine has a rather lovely deep gold color indicative of having been oaked. Indeed the nose was quite oaky which, given my general disliked of oaked white wines, put me off a bit at first. Happily, the Kinali Yapincak was far less oaky on the tongue than the nose. More noticeable were floral and apple flavors that give the wine a nice crispness.

Like a lot of Turkish whites it was definitely better more chilled than not. It could be that's just me. The closer to room temperature it got, the more evident were the oak and butter flavor effects of its barrel aging.

The combination of finding a winner right out of the gate and Suvla's devotion to wine's place in life guarantee that I will definitely be checking out more of this new (est. 2009) label's 30 wines! Especially as the winery was given such a favorable review on Vinography.com. Despite my resolve to drink more whites this summer I find myself particularly curious about some of the reds.

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