15 September 2014

Turkish Wine of the Week - Suvla Sur 2010

As far as I'm concerned you need look no further. If you've been beating out your brains trying to find a really good Turkish wine (or you haven't had the heart to even try), Suvla's Sur is where you go.

It's not that all Turkish wines are bad. As I have discovered many of them, even some of the less expensive producers like Pamukkale put out decent, drinkable wines. However most of them are, as described by a friend of mine, basically slightly alcoholic juice. If you're looking for a Turkish wine that can unashamedly stand next to its European cousins though...spring for the 2010 Sur. It's not cheap, I would never pay what is roughly $40 in the US for any wine (but then the US doesn't tax the living hell out of imports and alcohol) but oh it is worth it.

The 2010 Sur is a blend of Merlot (50%), Cabernet Sauvignon (34%), Cabernet Franc (14%), and Petit Verdot (2%). We all know how I feel about Merlot...but the blend here is seriously amazing. And I've been assured that Suval's Merlot is wonderful so I may, gasp!, try it at some point in the near-ish future.

"The color is deep cherry red. The nose is attractive and self-exposing. Notes of blueberry, prune, black pepper, dry mint, chocolate, and walnut are bound into a rich and complex bouquet. On the palate since the attack the wine is vivid and elegant. An extensive, strong but resilient core is carrying the juicy and supple body into a luscious, fine finish that reveals splendid hints of mocha, apricot, and roasted hazelnut."

I seriously need to meet Suval's wine writer.

Gold award well and entirely deserved
My description is no less heart-felt for being less elegant. The black pepper on the nose and palate is strong without being overwhelming. I knew I was getting the flavor of a dried fruit of some sort and I'm not surprised to read that it was prune. I missed the dry mint and walnut but caught hints of (dark) chocolate. I'll just have to get another bottle sometime soon to see if I can taste the mint and walnut. Ah the hardship! A wine with staying power, the Suvla's not chewy but velvety and lingers nicely in your mouth allowing you to savor and enjoy.

Sigh. Writing this several days later my mouth waters a bit at the memory. And the best part? There's a Sur 2011 that I have yet to try!

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