20 February 2015

Not Quite My Neighborhood, but Close - Karaköy İskelesi

I haven't had a chance to get back out to take more neighborhood pictures because Istanbul has decided to have proper winter this year. The last few weeks have been dotted by cold temperatures, snowfall, accumulation, and even thunder snow. My building lost power for almost all of yesterday and while I took refuge during the day with some friends I insisted on sleeping in my uninsulated, cement and marble box of a freezing cold apartment. Couldn't leave Sherlock on her own, could I? And I reminded myself that, growing up in Michigan we lost power many a winter a day and slept in far colder conditions there. But I digress...

Recently I took advantage of an unseasonably beautiful and warm day to snap some pictures around Karaköy İskelesi.

Galata Bridge from Karakoy

Karaköy İskelesi

Galata Tower above Karaköy İskelesi

Karaköy is one of Istanbul's 'up and coming' neighborhoods. When I lived in DC that meant you could find some nice little restaurants/bars but that you might want to be out of the area by nightfall. Here it's a little less ominous and means more that the neighborhood looks dodgier than it really is. In fact, Karaköy's maze-like small streets, all leading to the water, are dotted with lovely boutique hotels, shops, an trendy cafes and restaurants. And you can walk around at night with little fear for your wallet. Aside that is from the bill at many of said trendy restaurants.

Pictures of the inside of the neighborhood are eventually forthcoming, but for the time being I have views of the waterfront area. I recently had an appointment in Kadiköy on the Asian side and, while not a devotee of schlepping over there for anything I really do love to ride the ferries. I did not expect such a beautiful day when I set out so I was sans my proper camera but happily did have my little Nikon point and click on me.

Topkapı Sarayı

Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia

From the ferry

On clear sunny days such as this there is nothing finer than riding the ferries, chased by seagulls and watching beautiful Istanbul as you pass from Europe to Asia. Where else can you even take such an easy jaunt from one continent to another?!

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