02 February 2015

Turkish Wine of the Week - Yenidoğuş 2008 Karaoğlan Rezerv

Despite living in Istanbul for two years; one of them right next to the famous French Street which high volume live music keeps me awake many nights until 2-3 AM; I had never actually gone to the street until a few weeks ago. Restaurant selection s very much like that in Sultanahmet; you walk through, brushing off touts until you're ready to give in and sit somewhere. We ended up in a pretty decent place with a pretty excellent (if over priced) wine from the Shiluh winery in Mardin.

Sadly on looking for Shiluh wines at Cihangir's Le Cave I was told they neither have any nor expect to get more. Sad. I was recommended a wine by Yenidoğuş that was supposed to be similar so, after my long lead-in, that's what we're going to talk about today.

Especially bad pic this week but you get the idea

The Yenidoğuş 2008 Karaoğlan Rezerv (I think 40TL) began auspiciously with a lovely ruby red color and a nose full of red fruits and spice.

On the palate it was interesting; not at all memorable tannins which means they must have been very light and intense tobacco flavors with I think cherries? The finish was also not memorable which was not a surprise given the feeling of this one. One thing I found odd was that while the flavors were very upfront and present, it felt watery in texture; which means the Karaoğlan Rezerv had a very short finish.

It wasn't bad by any means, but it wasn't as good as the Shiluh I'd had the night before nor as good as several other wines I've had here. I would drink it again but not buy it again is where I come down on this one.

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