16 February 2015

Turkish Wine of the Week - Pamukkale Anfora 2012 Cabernet Franc

I feel like I don't often see a Cabernet Franc here so when I found an Anfora Cab Franc (new from Anfora) at Le Cave I grabbed it. Especially since the nice guy who helps me choose wine there pointed out that it was far more "ekonomik" at 28TL than the 140TL bottle I was also buying.

The deep ruby color gave way to an intriguing nose of (sour) cherry and smoke. I almost thought I was going to once more start waxing poetic; but no. It was a good wine, and at 28TL probably one I'll buy again, but not good enough for the Muses to whisper in my ear.

Redolent (which is my new favorite word) of tobacco and sour cherries, Anfora's Cab Franc was pretty decent. Light tannins and a long finish complete the experience. This would go well, I think, with grilled meat, strong cheese, and anything that has had the benefit of truffle oil/salt.

My friends, E&M, are all about using Vivino which, if I had a phone with a camera let alone one that supported apps, I might be as well. However I find rating wine here difficult. For one thing, it's been so long since I've had even a semi decent European wine that I forget how the mediocre Turkish wines stack up against them. But if I were rating this against only other Turkish wines; I'd say it's about a 3.5. Nothing to knock your socks off but but it won't give you a hangover after one glass either.

On another note, I am very happy that I have a backlog of reviews to post as I recently lost another "I can drink this entire bottle of red wine in one sitting and not get a hangover" bet with myself. Unlike the last time I lost this bet, this one was a hard lose so I'm off the sauce as it were for a little while.

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