18 March 2015

Turkish Wine of the Week - Mon Reve 2012 Tempranillo

Despite my previous, failed attempt to enjoy a Turkish-produced, Spanish-style wine I decided I would try again with Mon Reve's 2012 Tempranillo. Despite costing far more than anyone should pay for a young Tempranillo (46TL at Carrefour) it was pretty decent.

In the glass it was a lovely burgundy with purple hints. On the nose-red fruits, cherry, plum,and  tobacco; all of which also presented on the palate. Low tannins, low acid, not really much of a finish at all...if you've enjoyed Tempranillo before then imagine your standard Tempranillo, water it down a little, and viola.

In the end, it tasted pretty similar to your $5 Spanish Tempranillo. And while I like $5 Spanish Tempranillos just fine, I don't like paying more than that for them! So to the Mon Reve Tempranillo I say 'sure' to the flavor but a big 'no thank you' to paying that price again.

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