17 June 2015

Turkish Wine of the Week - Chateau Nuzun 2011 Pinot Noir

I am so far behind on these posts! Wine Wednesday needs to come around more often. Or, knowing that isn't actually possible, I need to be better about writing up full posts when I drink new wines instead of scribbling often enigmatic notes. However even if I've forgotten everything else about the Chateau Nuzun 2011 Pinot Noir, I do at least remember my first impression of it.

Hello, Gorgeous.

There's a verb in Turkish, uflamak which means "to say oof". So first, just sit back and enjoy that Turkish has a verb that means that. Sure we say "oof" in English but (to my knowledge) we don't have a specific verb for it. And on a day when Turkish bureaucracy simultaneously awes me and will be the cause of the aneurism I'm likely going to have; I need a moment to enjoy the uflamak. I bring this up because at my very first sip of the Chateau Nuzun 2011 Pinot Noir I was ufluyorum-ing all over the place.

The wine is a beautiful burgundy color with cherry, raspberry, raspberry, vanilla, and clove on the nose. I love raspberry and clove together and raspberry + clove + wine = me happy. I believe Pinot Noirs generally tend to be on the light-medium bodied and but this bad boy was dense. On the palate it was all beautiful red fruits, spice (of the clove, not pepper variety), and tobacco with medium tannins and a loooong finish. Wow.

Unfortunately like most things I really enjoy I can't afford to indulge in this one often. Even with he current advantageous exchange rate, 140TL (from La Cave in Cihangir) is still a pretty steep per bottle price. And I'm saving up for another bottle of Suvla's Reserve Petit Verdot-Karasakiz. I've had one of them but I want to try the grand reserve. Until I win the lottery then, Chateau Nuzun!

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