16 December 2015

Turkish Wine of the Week - Arra Saranda 2014

I had a while back at a Pop Up event.  At Pop Up you bring your own wine and, as I've seen this bottle around a lot but had yet to buy it myself I was happy to share my neighbor's bottle. Unfortunately I was already in the bottle I'd brought so my notes from this are somewhat less than super helpful...

Arra Saranda 2014 is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and the "throat burning" Boğazkere I love so much. It's ruby red color was a little clearer and brighter than I would expect from a blend of these particular grapes. On the nose I got a lot of fruit-mostly red and tart fruits so I'm reading between the lines of my inebriated notes that there were probably cranberry, red currant, and/or cherry notes.*

On the palate it was very juicy and tart, lots of cranberry and cherry but beyond that the flavor was pretty thin; I couldn't detect anything under the fruit. Low tannins, medium acid, and a medium finish only increased the feeling that I was drinking Ocean Spray mixed with alcohol.

And yet...I'm not saying it was bad. My barely legible notes indicated that I might have kinda liked it. Given that I wasn't exactly in top tasting form when I had this I think I would like to try it again under more controlled circumstances.

*Be careful that you don't smell so deeply it goes up your nose. And if it does be discreet about how you solve your problem...

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