06 May 2012

Wading in the North Sea

On day two we took a bus from Alnwick to Bamburgh Castle on the North Sea. Bamburgh, the seat of the Royal Kings of Northumbria sits on the North Sea coast and just off the shore are islands were seals and puffins make their home. While not quite as picturesque as Alnwick Castle, Sarah and I agreed that Bamburgh was, nonetheless, the more castle-y of the two.

Our first view of Bamburgh Castle.

 I decided that if I were to choose one of the two castles for my home Bamburgh would actually win (with some redecorating) because despite the cold, I loved that it was on the coast.

 And it has gargoyles.

 Aren't they cute?! I love that the far one is kind of hiding.

Inside the castle is less impressive than was Alnwick but it's not been use strictly as a home for many years. If I recall correctly the owning family does not live there. It has however been a school for quite a lot of its history.

At least it they don't live there the family doesn't have to get permission to use their own things. And while the family doesn't live there...doesn't mean no one does. Apparently there is a private apartment(s) rented out to people. That would be super cool.

There were also lovely views of the village from the castle grounds.

I couldn't quite figure out what that yellow flower was but it seemed to be the main crop all the way from London to the north. We saw fields and fields and fields of it on the trip.

There were also excellent views of the beach and the sea (thus my desire to live there). We walked down from the castle through the dunes of sea grass so Sarah could get a picture of the castle from the beach side.

Right about here I decided that my feet (shop only in socks and ballet flats) would be better served bare rather than sinking into the sand and filling my shoes with sand.

And right about here I decided it would be an awesome idea to roll up my jeans and splash about in the North Sea-because when was I going to get to do that again?

It was very cold.

But Sarah was definitely right to insist we get pictures of the castle from this angle.

On the bus back to Alnwick we kept getting glimpses of another castle in the distance and did our best to get pictures; but the roads were bumpy and the bus seemed to be without shocks so most of the pictures turned out pretty bad. I did manage to capture one semi decent picture though.

There was another castle a little farther north that we saw at Bamburgh. I was really actually surprised to see so many castles so close together. My historic romance novels make it seem like you had to travel for days on end to reach another hold. This is making me wonder if these stories aren't entirely true...and I now question the entire foundation of my beliefs of history :p

It was a brilliant trip; even though I was convinced all the next day that I had a fever. Sarah's belated new year's resolution is to visit 12 castles in 2012. I hope I get to join her on a few more of those trips!


That would be me, with a scarf wrapped around my head because it was so cold and windy, wading in the North Sea. Thanks for the pic Sarah!


Anonymous said...

Odds are the yellow is mustard. I was amazed when I first discovered "the Emerald Isle" that Ireland, that June, was more yellow than green. Suzi

Lauren said...

The yellow flowers are Flowering Rapeseed! :)