07 May 2013

Athens and the Acropolis

Even though we didn't get to the Acropolis until the second day of our trip I'm posting it first; because you go to Athens you see the Acropolis, you know? And since the rest of the city was neither very exciting nor interesting, might as well get the best part of it up first.

As we remember from Jordan and China, I am not a huge fan of climbing or stairs. So when I saw the Acropolis way up there, I was a little worried.

Luckily, the walk up wasn't bad at all. It's slippery as all get out so I was glad I'd been warned about that and had on good shoes. marble might be pretty but it should never be used to make steps.

And unlike Jordan and China, there was a lot to see along the way so I didn't even have to make up lame excuses about interesting cloud formations in order to take a break!

Unfortunately, no one warned the Acropolis looking after people that I was coming so I had to contend with all the other tourists; who were none to amenable to clearing the are so I could take unobstructed pictures. Some people.

And as seems to be standard whenever you visit anywhere now; the famed Pantheon was a little underwhelming thanks to all the scaffolding.

A crane hardly lends itself to the imagine of ancient Greece. Despite the crane, the scaffolding, and the many I 'heart' Athens t-shirt wearing tourists; the site did evoke feelings of awe and images of Kevin Sorbo.

Not Socrates, or Plato, or one of the other Ocrateses; Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. I shared my time at the ancient Acropolis with Kevin Sorbo, Lucy Lawless, and pre activism and fame Ryan Gosling.

The view from the Acropolis was equally impressive.

 You can even see the Temple Of Zeus (see tomorrow's post!) from the Acropolis.

While the city of Athens itself didn't impress me; it was worth the visit for the Acropolis. Even without a real life visit from Hercules and Xena.

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