09 May 2013

Mykonos. Or-My New Happy Place

A day and a half later we'd more than had our fill of Athens we so got up stupidly early and took the express (3.5 hrs vs 5.5 hrs) ferry to Mykonos. I was so glad the hotel I booked had a free shuttle service, which I'd actually completely forgot about about until I saw a guy with the hotel sign, because there were not any taxis hanging around the pier.

View from our room

I use TripAdvisor to find all my hotels and, after seeing how highly it was rated for a Mykonos beach hotel, I booked us a room at the Hotel Acrogiali in Platis Gialos, Mykonos. It completely deserves the high rating it has. I would both recommend the hotel and stay there again.

Since I was kind of taking a holiday on the sly, I was in the room working while my travel companions were on the beach. Luckily I'd booked a sea view room so every hour or so I'd get up and just look out the balcony window, then I felt better.

Mykonos's Little Venice
One afternoon we took a cab into Mykonos Town on the other side of the island and walked around and poked into all the shops. Little Venice was adorable. I love the way the buildings cling to the island and stand against the sea.

And someone unbelievably, I barely used any color touch ups on these. This is what it looks like!!

Mykonos Town itself is a labyrinth of small, twisty, turny allies and it's very easy to get lost.

Although sometimes getting lost isn't bad.

Especially when you find guys like this!

Not sure what was better-him posing or that crazy fish!

Little Venice by night was equally lovely. It was so windy though! My night photography skills are limited at best but throw in  crazy gale force winds and I could hardly keep myself, let alone my camera, steady! Let's just pretend my night shots are "artistic' and that I meant for them to be a little blurry, shall we?

This area of Mykonos is also famous for its windmills-handily located on a bluff overlooking Little Venice.

These are also pretty, and "artistic" by night!

Take aways from this trip? Athens is eh. Mykonos is awesome. Awesomely awesome and you should all go.

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