15 July 2013

Ephesus in Black and White

A couple years ago I went to Ephesus on a day trip. I went back this fourth of July weekend with some good friends who were visiting. There were a few significant differences between the two trips.

1. I had a wide angle lens this time. It was very exciting for me.

2. It's so very much hotter in July than it is in November!

The info card on this actually said that this was a 'Cubit post modern architectural expressionism" 

3. There were many more tourists.

4. And it was really, fracking hot. Have I mentioned that?

Ephesus really is fantastic and is well worth a visit. The city is the most complete set of ruins in that area of the world. It's also easy to navigate on your own if you don't want to deal with a tour guide. If reading the placards around the site aren't enough for you, audio guides can be rented for a fairly reasonable amount.

The library in Ephesus, Hadrian's Library, has also been restored to its former ruinous glory by the Austrians. It's facade and the statues of the four Muses that guard the entrance are very impressive. One wonders if more libraries looked like this nowadays if more people would be inspired by the buildings to actually go in and read.

I for one need t check out a book on Hadrian. That man seems to have been even more everywhere than Alexander and has libraries, gates, and walls with his name on them all over the blasted place.

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