10 February 2014

Turkish Wine of the Week - Pamukale Trio (red)

Friday night I had over a group of friends to help christen my new apartment. And five bottles of wine later, christen it the four of us did indeed do! My poor Sherlock who, under the best of circumstances doesn't like new people, did her best to hide all evening; thwarted by one or the other of us dragging her out of her hiding place to try to pet and admire her. I paid for that later.

One of the wines we had was the red Pamukale Trio - a blend of Shiraz, Kalecik Karasi, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Trio had a surprisingly spicy nose for a wine that turned out to be really quite soft. I suppose the spice and pepper on the nose came from the Cab Sauv in the mix but the medium light tanins and cherry/berry flavor seems to be the result of a good blending of the three varietals. Light on the tongue, the Trio was drinkable right out of the bottle and didn't need to breathe much at all. I'm not sure at which point we opened this bottle but it must have been later on in the evening as my notes read: "more drinky than food go withy".

Although let's face it, I'd probably say something like while cold sober.

Somewhere around midnight we realized that I no longer had water. None of the taps were working nor would the toilet flush. Luckily I was not so far gone as to remember that midnight isn't the most appropriate time to call one's landlords. Luckily I still had plenty of drinking water though since here in Turkey we don't drink the tap water. Rather I haul five litre bottles of water up five flights of stairs multiple times a week. I was glad for that on Friday!

I finally went to bed around 1:30 AM. Or tried to anyway. Sherlock, no longer held back by her people disliking shyness, spent several hours quite literally bouncing off the walls. For a reason I cannot quite understand, there is a fully functional door separating my bedroom from the main apartment living space. Which, to me, makes little sense since there's only a half wall separating the two rooms. Off of that did Sherlock launch herself onto my bed, only to leap off the bed, run out through the door, then repeat the entire process. Add to that the fact that she's in heat again this week - so all this bounding about was accompanied by crying and yowling.

I managed to doze off a bit for a little while before both she and a burgeoning red wine hangover migraine woke me up so I stumbled out of bed to get drugs and an ice pack. With Sherlock weaving between my feet trying to trip and kill me the entire time. The fact that I got up once must have been a sign to my little monster that it was play time because her bounding and crying redoubled. The night wasn't over with that. Shortly after the first call to prayer, for which I was awake, the most horrible, loud gurgling noise erupted in the apartment which sent Sherlock into a freaked out tizzy. Happily it was the water coming back on. Less happily the noise went on for some time during which Sherlock would only stop jumping on my head and crying if I were sitting up holding her. And therefore not seeping.

Sometime after dawn I was able to finally get a little sleep since,as the sun goes up my cat goes to sleep.  So, while the Pamukale Trio was lovely and I will definitely buy it again; I suppose the moral of my tale is that the next time I buy it...I'll moderate my intake!

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