11 March 2014

Turkish Wine of the Week - Pamukkale Sultaniye Dry

I am becoming a huge fan of the folks making wine over at Pamukkale. I think this is the fourth wine of theirs I'm reviewing? And so far every one of them has been a win.

A few weeks ago I reviewed the Pamukkale Sultaniye semi-dry. This week it's the dry. Why the label is in German though I have no idea. Like the semi-dry this was a hair sweeter than I'd expect from a pure dry wine, but it definitely leaned heavily dry.

Floral and oaky on the nose and a pleasing goldeny color, the Pamukkale dry Sultaniye is nice before you even have your first sip. And after you have your first sip, you want another!

I talk a lot about how wine feels on the tongue which is something I don't think is discussed often enough in tastings. If someone had forewarned me that the Sade was fizzy feeling I'd never have tried it. No worries here though as this one is very smooth on the tongue. The flavor held hints of oak but not so much as to offend my Chardonnay hating palate. I thought I was tasting some honey and melon but those are apparently not included in the Sultaniye grape flavor profile. The internets say I should be tasting: asparagus, pear, pineapple, floral, mango, lemon, golden and green apples, and hay. So not so much.

The internets also say that it goes well with creamy dishes and I can vouch to the certainty of that. Much like the Terra Narince this slips down quite nicely and before I knew it there was only one glass left, which I managed to put away for another day.

So another win from Pamukkale! If you're visiting Turkey and you want to take home a bottle of the local wine I'm going to go ahead and recommend anything made by Pamukkale!

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