03 March 2014

Turkish Wine of the Week - Sade Sultaniye Emir

I've had the Sultaniye grape a few times now (see the Pamukkale post) but haven't experience the Emir. And, frankly, because Sade is a less expensive wine I went for it. I won't make this mistake again.

The Sade Sultaniye-Emir was not a win for me. Whether it was the varietal combination or the vintner I don't know. So I will try more Sultaniyes and Emirs. And I don't necessarily mean that the wine was bad...I just didn't like it.

It was very pale in color, almost colorless really until the light hit it (which I found interesting) showing a pale yellow color with hints of green. The nose was rather pleasant. In fact it smelled green, not in a grassy way but in a kind of green apple way. I also caught some floral and oak tones in the nose.

It was in the flavor where it lost me. It was buttery and oaky. It wasn't so much Chardonnay adjacent as it was very much almost just exactly like a Chardonnay. Shudder. It was also tingly on the tongue. Which was weird. I wondered if maybe it needed to open up a little, odd for a white wine but what do I know about Turkish grapes? So I gave it another try on day two but no change. Still fizzy on the tongue.

It did win points for having a screw cap though! I love me a screw cap wine. That alone doesn't save it though. I think this is the first wine I've reviewed that I absolutely would not buy again...so more hits than misses which is good!

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